Co-Existence is Vital

What Do I Love The Most?
….. Everything is connected …..
We have to coexist and take care of each other.

I think the way we live in society these days has become more complicated. Face to face communication used to be vital but now we can live our lives being online all day. However, the truth of the matter is we still need to see each other’s faces, read their expressions, hear their voices so we can fully understand their emotions to CO EXIST.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

All images Copyright © 2015 Jeann MacPherson; All rights Reserved.


17 thoughts on “Co-Existence is Vital

    1. Thank you very much Debbie. Yeah that was priceless, while I was snapping many shots of my friend showering her Son and her husband holding their baby making sure the bath water is comfortably warm, I saw this reflection on the shower head and I quickly seize the opportunity. All of us are in this photo which was pretty cool I think.


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