Suffocating; She was a Demon to me


Suffocating I can’t breathe.

I’m just a child around Five,

Playing with a bunch of kids from her family.

One fell down, while she was gambling.

They gang up and accused me.

She got mad and I was beaten badly.

My mouth was rubbed and stuffed with chopped up chillies.

And with a needle poking my lips.

It was swollen like a thousand bees sting .

She was a demon to me.

Written By: Jeann

All images Copyright © 2015 Jeann MacPherson; All rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “Suffocating; She was a Demon to me

    1. Hi Ami! Thanks for stopping by . This is a true story. It has been healed but it would be a lie if I say I have completely forgotten because I can still feel that pain. 🙂 Thank you very much! You have a nice travel blog.


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