One of my Favourite Dialogue is between Joe and Seligman in

Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Joe: Each time a word becomes prohibited, you remove a stone from the Democratic foundation. Society demonstrates its impotence in the face of a concrete problem by removing words from the language. The book burners have nothing on modern society.

Seligman: I think society would claim that political correctness is a very precise expression of democratic concern for minorities…..

Joe: And I say that society is as cowardly as the people in it. Who, in my opinion, are also too stupid for democracy.

Seligman: I understand your point, but I totally disagree. I have no doubt in the human qualities.

Joe: The human qualities can be expressed in one word: Hypocrisy. We elevate those who say right but mean wrong, and mock those who say wrong but mean right. Society is based on hate. It should be based on forgiveness. Hatred is rudimentary. One should be able to forgive one’s executioner.

All images Copyright © 2015 Jeann MacPherson; All rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “HYPOCRISY

  1. And maybe you would like this quote from one of my favorite writers, the late Albert Camus.
    “Indeed, a climate of fear is not one that encourages reflection. However, it is my belief that, instead of using that fear as an excuse, we should recognize it as one of the prime causes of the current situation and try to find a remedy for it.”
    ― Albert Camus, Neither Victims Nor Executioners

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      1. You’re welcome. I love Camus, both his novels and essays. I find some of the philosophy a little dense, but the passion and the honesty of his writing is an inspiration. Plus, as a young man he was the editor of the newspaper of the French underground fighting the Nazi occupation, which is quite impressive to me.

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