In Tune With Nature

“Sometimes, when I’m up on the mountains, I look down and see a simulacrum of myself.


Photo Taken At: Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

When the simulacrum appears small, it means I’m in tune with nature. If it seems too large, then it’s a sign that my presence is getting too big on this island.

Ideally I should look like a tiny grain of rice, as small as possible. That’s how it should be, living here in nature. If I get full of myself, nature will find some way of putting me in my place right away, so that I blend in.”

Quoted By: Masafumi Nagasaki-san

All images Copyright © 2015 Jeann MacPherson; All rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “In Tune With Nature

  1. A beautiful photo (you make me wanna visit the beautiful place where you live) and I love the quote you chose! All people should think of themselves as a part of nature and not as its owner.

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    1. Smart smart 👏! Yes indeed you should come to Bermuda one day for vacation and you are welcome to stay with me. You are only 8 hrs plane ride away from any part of Europe. The plane leave once a day from London Gatwick to Bermuda.


      1. Aww thank you very much for the invitation! Now I really hope I can visit you one day. Maybe when my boyfriend and I close the distance, until then I’ll probably mostly be commuting to Uruguay :/
        Any chance that you’re in Singapore next year between April and September? 🙂

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