Perfection is boring


Photo Taken After Gonzalo Bruised Bermuda

Too much of a Perfection is boring … You need Chaos to balance out the Equation. Summer is the best time to visit Bermuda and it is also the Hurricane Season in this Sub-Tropical Paradise.


Aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo 2014

Hurricane Season in the Atlantic officially runs for six months, from June 1st to November 30th. Often we get electrical outages from gale force winds which leads to no power for hours, days or even weeks. Due to the electrical outages, no water can be drawn, except manually from the underground water tanks. Damages to houses are often superficial because by the Law of Bermuda all buildings must be solidly built out of Bermuda Limestone and Concrete Blocks.


Forces of Nature

All images Copyright © 2015 Jeann MacPherson; All rights Reserved.


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